New lingerie shop offers sexy new looks

Véronique features the best in women's underwear

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Véronique store front

Devin Glage

IT’S NO VÉRONIQUE’S SECRET. Richmond Row’s new upscale lingerie boutique, Véronique, caters to the high-end crowd. The owner, Véronique Hill, wants her store to be no secret to the public.

Undergarments make up some of the best and sexiest outfits you’ll ever wear.

The importance of underwear is celebrated by Richmond Row’s new upscale lingerie shop, Véronique. Montréal-born owner, Véronique Hill, promises to bring French flare to London with her exclusive lingerie.

Having opened on Sept. 15, the inside of the store is still a work in progress, but Austrian crystal chandeliers and red and gold curtains let the shopper know they are in a high-end specialty shop. And so do the prices.

Bras run from about $40 to $150 and underwear starts at about $12. Veronique carries brands such as Donna Karan Intimates, Le Mystère, and Simone Pérèle.

For students, the Elle McPherson and Change of Scandinavia lines are appealing for their lower price range of $40 to $65. This still seems expensive when compared to large chain stores, but with quality lingerie you get what you pay for.

French lingerie is like Belgian chocolate " reputation plays a big role in the pricing. Many brands sold at Véronique are designed and made in France. Some would say this guarantees a certain level of quality " triple stitching around wires and better materials make undergarments longer lasting and more comfortable.

This might mean buying fewer bras overall, but if you do the math, it justifies the higher prices.

In order to cater to high-end clientele, all lingerie sold at Véronique is designed, if not produced, in fashion meccas like New York or Paris. As a result, the lingerie is stylish and some lines are season-based like Haute Couture

Others, like Oprah’s favourite bra " the number one seller from Le Mystère " are old stand-bys that offer quality and support.

Chain stores rarely stock the largest sizes and won’t offer the kind of one-on-one service to ensure correct fitting that this small boutique does. Véronique features A through J bra sizing and private fittings. Proper sizing can make clothes look better from the outside " a major plus for the style-conscious.

“Lingerie should not just be for special occasions,” Hill says. It’s true: underwear is something we wear everyday, so it follows that we would look for quality, comfort, style, or even something sexy.

Discerning shoppers who don’t mind paying a bit more for quality and service will welcome Véronique to Richmond Street.

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