Shout Out Out Out Out mixes rock & techno

Synths and drum machines take over Call the Office

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Shout Out Out Out Out

“I guess you could say we’re like a live electronic dance band,” Shout Out Out Out Out’s keyboardist, Will Zimmerman, replies when asked to categorize the band’s music.

Lying somewhere between rock and techno music, Edmonton’s SOOOO does not fit into any one category.

“And that’s what makes us different. If you look at us from a more techno or electronic side of things, it’s that we’re not just a couple of DJs playing something that we wrote on a computer " we’re a live band,” Zimmerman continues.

“If you look at us from the other side of the spectrum, we use samplers, synthesizers, drum machines and all sorts of crazy effects. That takes us away from the rock world and puts us in the techno world. You know we’re just sort of somewhere between those two things, and lucky for us those are two popular genres of music and people seem to like it.”

Just one year after releasing its debut album, Not Saying/Just Saying, SOOOO has reached new levels of popularity in the Canadian and American indie music scene.

This past summer, SOOOO was nominated for a Juno and played at one of the biggest summer music festivals, Virgin Music Festival. Sharing the stage with huge names like the Beastie Boys and The Police has been the highlight of the band’s career so far.

“The most surreal experience was the last trip we had at [V-Fest] where we were basically just opening up this entire festival playing in the dance tent ... We went on like a couple hours sleep or something like that driving from Brooklyn to there and doing a sound check at 10:30 in the morning and playing at noon, thinking that no one is going to be there, but we played to a packed crowd of like 3,000 people,” Zimmerman enthuses.

Playing at V-Fest was a big accomplishment for a band that, just a few years ago, only got together to play background music for frontman Nik Kozub’s sister.

“Lyle ... and Nik got together to make some kind of electronic music for Nik’s sister’s [rock] climbing video, or something like that, and it turned into a one time thing. Then after, they’re like, ‘Hey let’s do some more stuff with some keyboards,’ and they got a hold of everyone else and one by one we all got involved with this project. What started as something that was just for fun turned out to be a pretty successful band.

“Those two guys agreed to do our first show as Shout Out Out Out Out before they even had a full band. So they ended up right away trying to find people to get involved. There’s six of us in total, and I would say that maybe we had a couple weeks or a month to get together and put together at least a half an hour set to play our first show.”

One Juno nomination and hundreds of shows later, SOOOO are continuing to tour North America and build its fan base.

Shout Out Out Out Out is playing at Call the Office this Wednesday. Tickets are $12. Doors open at 7 p.m.

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