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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

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Halloween is hardly considered a classy holiday by many university students.

Commonly celebrated as another excuse to binge drink on a school night and strip down to lingerie for the sake of a sexy costume, Halloween can be downright raunchy.

However, classy is exactly how Kadie Ward, organizer of the The Haunt, describes the upcoming holiday ball.

“It’s an opportunity for London’s creative community and avant-garde people to get together [to] celebrate and support a charity,” Ward explains.

The Haunt is a multi-purpose Halloween party set to take place at the historic London Club, 177 Queens Ave., next Friday.

According to the event’s website, the evening promises participants a lavish affair that will arouse curiosities and long-forgotten secrets. Complete with two cocktail hours, live entertainment and an art gallery, it aims to appeal to Halloween enthusiasts looking to get away from the crass tendencies of student celebrations.

“Primarily, it’s just a party. It’s just a way for people to dress up and have a good time at a more classy establishment,” Ward adds.

Party prerogative aside, The Haunt will donate money generated from ticket sales to local charity Wrap Around London. The charity aims to lend a helping hand to families and children with complex needs; for a holiday so closely related to children it only makes sense.

As an added visual element, some local artists will have their Halloween-inspired work on display. The event will feature a variety of art forms, including photography, painting, and sculpture.

“The gallery is sort of off to the side. It’s just a quiet place people can go if they’re tired from dancing. They have the gallery to look at some art and catch their breaths … It’s pretty avant-garde, provocative stuff,” Ward says.

The Haunt doesn’t cater to a specific age group. Unlike many of the Richmond Row bars and Halloween parties, The Haunt doesn’t aim to attract students exclusively, but the London creative community in general.

The only age requirement is you must be of legal drinking age.

“Last year we had 19 to 65 [year olds]. Last year’s event drew a lot of upper-year undergrads as well as grad students,” Ward says.

Halloween costumes are not required for the event, but Ward urges those planning on attending to use this as an opportunity to show off their creative side, something that may get lost in everyday life.

“It’s the opportunity to dress up and pretend you are somebody else. You can express something really creative about yourself. You can dress up like your favourite movie star, a politician you admire, or something ridiculous like that,” Ward explains. “I’m planning on being the female version of the Phantom of the Opera.”

Tickets for The Haunt are $50. For more information, visit

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