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Charity work recognized

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

I KNOW HOW TO PLAY THE GUITAR AND STRAIGHTEN MY HAIR. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus belted out screamo tunes at Cowboy's last night.

Having trouble deciding what to wear this Halloween? American pop-punk quintet The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus has a few ideas up its sleeve.

Guitarist Elias Reidy says it has become a tradition for the band to dress up for its Oct. 31 concerts. Reidy says his best costume idea was from his childhood.

“I was Bugs Bunny for … my fourth year of Halloween. I still have that costume " I wear it every night before we go onstage to get pumped up.” Though he won’t disclose what is in the works this year, he hopes it will be his most embarrassing outfit yet. A guardian angel, perhaps?

Reidy says the band’s latest single, “Your Guardian Angel,” makes him think of how supportive his mother has been. His mom’s giving nature must still influence him, as the band supports countless charities and causes.

RJA’s Guardian Angel Foundation was recently established to foster music programs in schools, help victims of domestic abuse and aid hospitalized patients who have acute hyperglycemia.

Reidy says the band chose to help people with high blood sugar because it was something “easy” to support. Its management and public relations staff also helped to highlight that specific cause.

The band’s association with charities began when its breakthrough hit “Face Down” was adopted as the anthem of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. RJA returned the favour through fundraising and promoting awareness of the issue.

Earlier this year, RJA headlined the Take Action Tour, which aimed to prevent depression and teen suicide. During the tour, The Youth America Hotline experienced a 527 per cent increase in phone calls.

The Take Action Tour also supported animal rights organization PETA. The band’s commitment to social causes has earned them a nomination for MTV’s “Good Woodie Award.”

“We don’t want to just sit around and do nothing and get lost in the mix and blend in with everyone else. We figure if we have the opportunity to do something good, then that’s our responsibility,” Reidy explains.

He adds the band is also motivated by karma. “You reap what you sow, so we just want to give as much as we can so we can get what we want.”

So far, the band’s philosophy is working. The band’s major label debut, Don’t You Fake It, was certified gold in the U.S. (over 500,000 units shipped) and earned it a spot on the Vans Warped Tour two years in a row.

It probably doesn’t hurt that the band is so thankful for its loyal fan base. Reidy expressed his gratitude for everyone that had invested in the band’s cause and supported its music. “We love everyone and hopefully they’ll come out and see us live so we can pay them back.”

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus with guests Amber Pacific, New Years Day and Monty Are I played at The Cowboy’s Ranch yesterday.

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