Lohan dates a nobody, Winehouse still on drugs

Carrie Underwood hooks up in this week’s Dirtsheet

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Carrie Underwood

SHE'S SMILING BECAUSE SHE DOESN'T LOOK LIKE AMY WINEHOUSE. Country singer Carrie Underwood is allegedly hooking up with Gossip Girl actor Chance Crawford. Yes, that's right, someone named her son Chance.

• Word is out of a budding romance between country sensation Carrie Underwood and up-and-coming Gossip Girl actor Chance Crawford. The new “it” couple were seen at sushi hot spot Nobu before celebrating with a makeout session and champagne at Marquee nightclub. We give them a month.

• Looking for consolation after losing visitation privileges, Britney Spears headed out to buy herself some new lips. Needless to say, Spears again hit a bump in the road. Upon leaving her botched lip enlargement, Spears ran over the foot of a photographer. Ever the professional, the initially hysterical Spears regained composure and sped off. It may be hard to prove impairment was not the source of Spears’ driving faux pas, as she continues to dodge court-ordered random drug tests.

• Since rehab didn’t work out, Amy Winehouse decided to give jail time a go. After being arrested in Norway for drug possession, the singer and her husband were escorted to jail. Released after intensive questioning, Winehouse was slapped with a $500 fine for marijuana possession. Newsflash, Wino: Norway is not Amsterdam.

The Hills’ sleaziest star, Spencer Pratt, revealed to Radar magazine he intends to become a billionaire by age 30. Maybe the dirtbag wants to replace that cheap ring with which he proposed to Heidi. However, someone should mention to Pratt making millions of dollars requires getting up off the couch every once in a while. Either way, Pratt is bound to win TMZ.com’s Douchebag of the Week award.

Lindsay Lohan has found herself a new man, fellow rehabber Riley Giles. The complicated starlet and Giles have a lot in common " there is nothing like getting charged with multiple DUIs to bring a couple closer together. Giles has also been arrested on suspicion of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud. In the ultimate twist of events, Giles was already engaged when he started dating Lindsay. Shocker! Lohan’s parents approve of their daughter’s boyfriend for fear that any disagreement may prevent them from continuing to freeload off her.

Nick Hogan’s situation is as unfortunate as his sister, Brooke Hogan’s, outfits. After his near-fatal car crash, which has left his friend in critical condition, Nick Hogan may find himself in a Hulk of trouble. Authorities are awaiting the results of toxicology testing. If speed, booze, or cocaine were a factor in the crash, Hogan may top Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton when it comes to DUI jail time.

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