Wintersleep scheduled for nationwide tour

Drummer Loel Campbell lives up to his promise

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009


“We will always hit everywhere that we possibly can in Canada,” Wintersleep drummer, Loel Campbell, says.

With over 20 more dates scheduled for its nation-straddling tour with supporting act the Wooden Stars, Campbell and the rest of the Halifax indie band are living up to that promise.

Campbell, a Stellarton, Nova Scotia native, stresses the importance of playing shows in more than just the biggest cities.

“There are a ton of people in places that bigger Canadian bands choose to overlook. They appreciate [seeing live music] so much " I know I did in Stellarton. It’s important to honour that.”

Fans of the band’s previous two records might have been surprised to hear “Weighty Ghost,” the first single off the latest release, Welcome to the Night Sky. The catchy song " which is sure to be exploited by a cell phone company " is a far cry from some of the slow, haunting tracks off Wintersleep’s debut album.

“We are always interested in new sounds and doing fresh things,” Campbell says about the new release. “We aren’t interested in making the same record over and over.”

Fortunately, the band has progressed without the interference of record companies.

“There is no pressure to do anything,” he says. “We are free to express whatever, whenever. I think it all comes out sounding like Wintersleep. This new material is just what has come out of us collaborating as a band over the past two years. It’s not a conscious decision.”

A YouTube or Wikipedia search for Wintersleep videos returns a relatively high number of music videos for an up-and-coming Canadian band.

Campbell attributes this to director and friend of the band, Sean Wainsteim.

“He’s done most of our videos and we’re usually happy with the results. We feel comfortable working with him " it’s not like pulling teeth,” Campbell adds.

While Wainsteim plays a big role in video production, Campbell says the band members take more interest in shaping how the album looks.

Despite its successes, the band had to make a speedy recovery after the departure of former bassist, Jud Haynes, earlier this year.

“It was like nothing even happened. We weren’t held up at all,” Campbell says.

Mike Bigelow, long-time friend and collaborator with Campbell in bands like Contrived and Holy Fuck, recently took over the role of bass player for Wintersleep.

“The change hasn’t negatively affected our creativity,” Campbell says.

Wintersleep is playing at Call the Office on Nov. 15th.

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