Campus Climate Challenge keeps campuses "green"

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

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In the face of global warming, thousands of North American students concerned with the environment’s future are joining together in the hope of bringing about change.

These students are part of the Campus Climate Challenge ( The challenge is the joint venture of over 30 North American youth organizations, among them the Sierra Youth Coalition (the youth chapter of Canada’s Sierra Club).

The Challenge’s goal is to achieve 100 per cent clean energy policies on its members’ university campuses with the combined help of its many members.

In January 2007, the Campus Climate Challenge organized a week of profile-raising events entitled “Rising to the Climate Challenge.” The campaign counted among its participants “nearly 600 campuses in 49 states and eight Canadian provinces and 50,000 students.”

By giving student environmental activists a more visible profile, the Climate Challenge lets those in power know global warming is something our generation cares about " mere discussion is not enough to make a difference.

The Challenge’s members are looking for change, and the small steps being taken by its organizational members are turning into big strides.

On a local level, the SYC’s Sustainable Campuses Project is working directly with Canadian universities to ensure their campuses stay “green” now and for years to come.

The SYC organizes annual National Sustainable Campuses conferences and works with Canadian university student councils to examine their environmental policies and offer suggestions for improvement. The Canadian Federation of Students is participating in the campaign, dubbed the “Student Unions for Sustainability Campaign.”

As a result, most Canadian universities are featured on SYC’s website ( EnviroWestern’s sustainability report is also featured on the site.

Although the task of reversing environmental damage may seem daunting, thousands of university students are taking action, as we all have a right to a clean environment.

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