Maxim magazine has no love for Carrie Bradshaw

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Sarah Jessica Parker

• Things aren’t going so great for Oprah Winfrey. Her South African school, “The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy,” has been dealing with allegations of sexual and physical abuse of several students by teachers. Oprah flew to Johannesburg this week and tearfully met with parents of abused students and begged for their forgiveness. The story surfaced after one girl ran away from the boarding school after being thrown against a wall and sworn at. Looks like Oprah might be slapped with some huge lawsuits in the near future.

• Mother of the Year Britney Spears is skanking it up again, this time with handsome Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony “Say-It-Ain’t-So” Romo. After another long day in court for her custody battle with K-Fed, Brit relaxed by boozing it up with Romo at (in)famous Los Angeles hotspot Les Deux. Let’s just hope she wasn’t too hung over again to take her court ordered drug tests.

• The funniest woman in Hollywood, Ellen DeGeneres, has spent the last week out and about being photographed with her girlfriend of three years, Portia DeRossi. Star Magazine recently reported the two had broken up, but that rumour proved to be untrue. Good thing " with that dog adoption scandal still simmering, Ellen’s been through enough.

• Questions surrounding the validity of MTV “reality” show The Hills have been running rampant the last week, with sources saying Audrina Patridge isn’t actually employed by Sony BMG, and that she and Lauren Conrad don’t actually live in the Hollywood Hills apartment featured on the show. If it’s true, here’s hoping there isn’t actually a Conrad/Jason Wahler sex tape, and that Heidi and Spencer don’t actually get married.

• In other news, Sex and the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker has been named the World’s Unsexiest Woman by Maxim. She beat out Amy Winehouse to earn the top spot, due to what Maxim described as Parker’s “horse face.” Ouch. Britney surprisingly came in fifth behind Winehouse, Sandra Oh of Grey’s Anatomy, and Madonna. Shame on you, Maxim " Parker’s gorgeous style makes her one of TV’s most exciting stars.

Jude Law was spotted partying Friday night at the Ultra Supper Club in Toronto. This downtown hotspot is quickly becoming the new Les Deux of Hollywood North, after recently being visited by Paris Hilton and her ilk. Visit the club soon if you’re interested in finding out what a walking, talking STD looks like.

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