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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Steffi Boyce

Da Eun Kim

Name: Steffi Boyce
Program: Biochemistry
Year: Second
Where she was spotted: Outside Kresge Building near Natural Science

After we chased down the iPod-wearing, quirky fashionista, Steffi Boyce described her style as vintage European. “I like unique stuff. I love scarves and hats and I wear a lot of rich, royal colours,” she says.

Having lived in England for four years, the Vancouver native brought her chic British trendiness back to North America just in time for the fall season. The bluish hues from her aqua-coloured scarf to the cornflower blue tints on her striped newsboy cap mesh perfectly with her long, grey cardigan.

Boyce proclaims her obsession for England’s Topshop, “the fashion destination on the British high street,” where she purchased her grey, tapered jeans.

In Canada, she shops at stores like the Swedish-based H&M because of its European flare. Her best buy is her tangerine-brown leather travel bag, purchased at Winners for $40. “I don’t usually shop there but when I do, I tend to buy a lot of stuff,” Boyce adds. Her black knee-high boots were also purchased at Winners, although most of her other boots were bought in little boutiques in downtown Windsor, 20 minutes outside London, England.

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