Divine secrets of buying lingerie for your lady

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Female holding a lollipop and wearing lingerie

I'LL TAKE YOU TO THE CANDY SHOP ... OR LINGERIE STORE. When in doubt, just remember to be tasteful and ask for help if you need it.

As the holidays creep up, it is time to start brainstorming gifts for your significant other. Many view lingerie shopping for your lady and jaywalking across the 401 blindfolded as being equally dangerous and a majority will opt to become roadkill.

However, with proper knowledge and a little courage, you can not only overcome the fear of shopping for women’s underwear, you won’t ever have to feel like that “weird guy alone in the lingerie store” again.

Brush up on your knowledge of lingerie. Anything edible or crotchless does not qualify as lingerie. Moreover, lingerie is not limited to thongs and push-up bras. More exotic items such as satin negligees or George Costanza’s favourite " the brazier " will make even the most self-conscious girl feel like a goddess.

Be prepared to spend money. Face it " this is essential as women have an uncanny eye for quality and detail. There’s a good chance they already have cheap underwear, so it is your responsibility is to buy her something she’s not going to buy herself. Looking shrewd doesn’t help either as it shows you cut corners by rushing in and grabbing the first thing without actually picking anything out. The bottom line: put in the work.

Only go to specialty stores. These outlets harbour a great deal of expertise. Don’t be afraid to consult with staff " just remember to take their advice as they undoubtedly know much more than you. Just because it makes you horny doesn’t necessarily mean it will have the same effect on her.

Go online. Stores like LaSenza (www.lasenza.ca) and Victoria’s Secret (www.victoriassecret.com) offer an extensive catalogue of sexy lingerie, complete with the latest styles and trends. It’s quick, convenient and flashy, so if you happen to be more shy than most people, going online is a safe alternative.

When in doubt, bring her out. If you have some extra time at the mall, pop in with your significant other and get her opinion. She can even try it on right there. Warning: if you choose this option, keep in mind you will be paying at the end.

Keep it simple. Just because it looks good on the model perched in the front window doesn’t mean it will translate well to your partner. Over-the-top frills and superfluous tassels are cheesy and uninteresting.

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