Strange celebrity hookups and dust ups

Olsen twin dates Armstrong, Sexiest Man Alive fights Fabio

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong must be going through a mid-life crisis, as he was seen locking lips with none other than 21-year-old Ashley Olsen in New York City last week. They were seen flirting and making out the entire night at New York’s Rose Bar, with Olsen sitting in Lance’s lap and laughing at his jokes like a child. Quite appropriate, considering that Lance is a father of three, and old enough to be Ashley’s father.

Jennifer Lopez has confirmed she and husband Mark Anthony are officially expecting. J.Lo announced her happy news well after the public had guessed her condition. Lopez said she didn’t divulge the news earlier because she didn’t want her fans to be worried about the “high-energy” dance moves she was recently performing. Be worried about the baby, not the fans, Jen!

• It seems poor George Clooney needs a day or two at the spa to relieve his stress. Word is that the sexiest man alive almost fought with D-lister Fabio, and waiters kept the brawl from getting out of hand. While Fabio was taking a picture with a group of female friends, Clooney sat at a nearby table and assumed Fabio was taking a picture of him. George shot the group the finger. Fabio approached Clooney and told him to stop being a diva. It’s pretty sad Fabio made Clooney look pathetic.

Ashley Olsen

• One of England’s hottest bachelors, Prince Harry, is now available. His girlfriend of three years, Chelsy Davy, has dumped the partying royal for lack of love and attention. The last straw was when Harry ditched her on her birthday to go see a rugby match in Paris. Don’t get too excited, ladies " the charmer seemed to be handling the breakup pretty well, as he was in the arms of a mysterious brunette just days after the split. Brunettes might not have more fun, but they certainly are luckier.

• Soon-to-be-ex-wife of Paul McCartney, Heather Mills, has really hit rock bottom " she may even be surpassing Britney! In the feat to strip McCartney of all his money through a bitter, drawn-out divorce, Mills has made a strikingly intelligent decision that is bound to win her the divorce battle: she fired all of her lawyers and plans to represent herself in court. The middle-aged ex-model must be experiencing an unfortunate botox side effect: loss of common sense.

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