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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Creative inspiration

NotCot Inc., a network of design sites, will fulfill your aesthetic cravings.

This “visual filtration of ideas, aesthetics and amusement” provides a global online community of design lovers and trendsetters with a daily source of inspiration; it’s impossible to predict what a person may find at NotCot.

NotCot has everything from acrticles on modern architecture to artist portfolios and the latest in fashion to clever and amusing innovations, like BLT-scented candles.

Jean Aw, who has a master’s degree in user experience design, and Daniel Frysinger, who has a bachelors degree in cognitive science, are the young and design-savvy co-founders of Notcot Inc.

The network consists of and three community-contributed sites:, and serves as the editorial face of NotCot and is dedicated to design, imagery and curation.

In-depth articles on the three visually engaging sites feature inspiring products and concepts. The sites are described as a “studio bulletin board gone digital.”

Creative inspiration

Members post their latest finds by providing an image, link and caption. Each image takes the viewer to a description of the item. This simple process not only enables users around the world to share inspiration, but also provides featured sites with traffic. also features the latest and greatest in fashion.

Featuring quirky apparel and accessories, the site has fashion finds not found in typical magazines. Though some pieces may not make it to your closet, NotCouture is still visually inspiring.

Realizing that designers get hungry too, allows users to share the most delectable foods, recipes and ingredients.

The next time the dreaded “creativity block” strikes, visit to get your juices flowing.

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