Fall 2007: modern style, vintage trends

From the 1930s to the 1970s, clothing comes full circle

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Vintage trends

Although fashion is continually evolving, it often takes cues from past trends in order to create the modern looks for each coming season.

The autumn/winter 2007 season repeats this trend. From rich metallic dresses to oversize knits, this season’s garments are inspired by fashion history.

Last spring’s runways featured opulent, glamourous and lavish pieces. Dresses shone in gold and silver and other metallic tones. Many dresses were inspired by the 1970’s disco era, and aimed to make a statement.

With all-over texture, current designs create a flowing look through heavy embellishment. Designers used sequins and embroidery to create this effect, which is also translated into contemporary accessories. Patent leather boots, shoes and bags add drama to any outfit this fall.

Plaid and check patterns are made new again this season. Plaid jackets are done in many ways, from a lumberjack look to a more demure tartan. These 1970s punk-influenced patterns are reappearing on accessories like coats, bags and shoes, but today’s plaid is more streamlined and less distressed, adding an interesting texture to any outfit.

Vintage trends

Although waistlines have been dipping lower and lower in the past decade, they make a dramatic leap upwards this season. High-waisted pants with a masculine cut and wide legs create a long and lean lower half. This unisex style has been seen many times before, especially in the 1930s. However, the wide legs of this season’s version give these pants a modern twist.

Oversize knits are also making a comeback this winter. Cozy and chic, chunky knits are a way to look great and stay warm. Neutrals, such as greys and browns, are especially trendy and versatile.

Influenced by the late 1950s’ trend of knitted sweater dresses worn with girdles, today’s oversize knit sweaters and sweater dresses are being paired with leggings or jeans. Featuring different patterns like fairisle and added textures and hardware, knits have become fashion forward once again.

Although neutrals are always in, colour has taken a bright turn this fall. Pieces in jewel tones such as royal blue, bright purple and bright orange, deep red, and emerald green have appeared on many runways. Inspired by Emillio Pucci and Yves St. Laurents’ 1960s psychedelic dresses, bright colours are reappearing in modern fabrics like silk. Luxuriously loud, colours create a lasting impression.

Trends come and go and the definition of what is fashionable is constantly being updated to fit a modern lifestyle.

In fashion, what goes around always comes around. From high-waisted pants inspired by the 1930s to 1970s punk-influenced plaid coats, trends today are a blast from the past.

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