On Disc: Riff Randells

Album: Doublecross

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Doublecross by Riff Randell

Riff Randells
Dirtnap Records

4.5 stars

If creating a traditional 30-minute mix of high-paced punk rock was its goal, then Vancouver’s the Riff Randells (not to be confused with now-defunct the Riff Randals from Sacramento) hit its mark and then some.

Sporting an image and style akin to the Donnas, it’s not surprising the band has already garnered support along with other well-known female-fronted bands like the Cliks and LiveonRelease.

With self-described punk themes in its songs “about lame boys, hot boys and partying,” getting back at an ex-lover and proving its members are badasses, the Riff Randells’ strongest songs include “Traitor of the Heart,” “When He Looks at Me” and “All I Know.”

The title track “Doublecross” is arguably the band’s weakest song. When it comes to songwriting, the Riff Randells has its method down, but the bridge/solo arrangements could use improvement.

Also, the band lacks finesse in setting up the transition between tracks, eliminating the ability to set the stage for a climactic ending to songs.

One thing is for sure: the Riff Randells has reaffirmed that punk " at least female punk " is alive and kicking.

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