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Album: No World for Tomorrow

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

No World for Tomorrow by Coheed and Cambria

No World for Tomorrow
Coheed and Cambria
Columbia Records

3.5 stars

With its cartoonish cover art, you might be tempted to think that No World for Tomorrow is more of a storybook than an album â€" and you wouldn’t be too far off.

Coheed and Cambria’s fourth studio effort is impressive. Anchored by drummer Taylor Hawkins â€" on loan from the Foo Fighters â€" and bassist Michael Todd, No World for Tomorrow is very tight musically.

Complex time signatures and flashy guitar riffs give the disc a distinct progressive-metal sound, while Claudio Sanchez’s high-pitched and occasionally whiny vocals add a (tolerable) hint of emo to the mix.

An elaborate sci-fi storyline is incorporated into the music is, making No World for Tomorrow a vivid and illustrative concept album. The tracks flow almost seamlessly from one into the next, reminding us the album is more than just a collection of songs.

Almost an hour in length, the record starts to feel a bit repetitive after a while. It’s fun to pretend Coheed and Cambria are as serious as the album makes them out to be, but only for so long.

A suite in five parts, “The End Complete” closes the album not a moment too soon. But don’t worry: storytime doesn’t need to end just yetâ€" that’s what the replay is for.

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