Winter hair trends: blunt bangs, darker tones

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Winter hair

MY THICK, BLUNT BANGS DISTRACT FROM MY ALARMINGLY THIN ARMS. Ask for these bangs at your next hair appointment — but skip the scary-thin appendages. Food tastes too good to look like this, especially during the winter holidays.

With the first snowfall already behind us, it’s time to admit winter is really here. The change in seasons is a great time change to your image, and nothing creates a newer you than a newer ’do " hairdo, that is.

The winter is known for causing women to leave behind bright blonde locks and opt for a darker hue. The rule still applies this season. Blondes can update their look by adding medium to dark brown lowlights to their crown, while brunettes can earn richer and darker shades by also adding lowlights, or embracing the popular trend this winter with an all-over shade. Foils are not as popular as solid colours this season.

“The key to winter hair is not to have too much contrast, but enough to create drama,” Kenny Yuen, creative director of Aveda beauty products, says.

However, leading fashion ladies are choosing new dramatic cuts instead of just colour to create their perfect looks. New appreciation for classic styles is all the rage this season as bobs and bangs begin to define the new “hot.”

Among the hottest bang styles this season is the fringe bang. This daring cut can add instant sophistication to your look. Be careful what you wish for here though because once the cut is made, you’ll have to be patient in waiting for bangs to grow out. Maintaining this look is a commitment since trims will be essential every two to four weeks to keep the look just right.

Owning a ceramic straightener is a must if you want to rock this style right " applying a gloss shine and really straightening your tresses is the only way to pull it off. This style works best for girls with medium to thick hair textures who aren’t scared of making big changes to their look.

For inspiration, look to celebrities like Tyra Banks, Eve, Kirsten Dunst, or even Chelsea from The Search for the Next Pussycat Doll show.

Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Ritchie are just two celebs sporting another hot look this winter with sideswept bangs. This look requires less maintenance than other options, since styling techniques are minimal. To get the look, blow-dry hair by sweeping it across your head with your hands. A brush is not even necessary; the natural shape of your head will create a ‘custom fit’ for your hair. Girls with all hair types can choose this do since its possibilities are endless. This suave style accentuates blonde highlights or a choppy cut.

For guys, things are much easier. The trend is to either go long and shaggy or clean, short, and shaved. The latter speaks for itself when it comes to maintenance " zero. For the scruffy shag, the hard part is growing your hair out. The easy part is enjoying your girlfriend running her hands through your new cut. Girls love guys with good hair.

While good old Canadian winters motivate our desire to wear toques to escape the cold, it is important to have a hairstyle that will impress when the hats come off.

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