Victoria Beckham tops worst dressed list

Celebs endure hospital run-ins and domestic violence

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman

• In sad news, America’s Next Top Model alum-cum- Livejournal-superstar Elyse Sewell and her boyfriend, the Shins keyboardist Marty Crandall, were both recently arrested on domestic violence charges. Sewell claims Crandall pressed charges when she bit him in self-defence during a drunken bust-up. Makes you wonder how prisoners will treat a man who has his girlfriend arrested for fighting back. He’d be wise to not drop the soap.

• After being released from hospital, Britney Spears immediately went home, brewed herself a hot cup of tea and cried about losing custody of her sons. Just kidding! Actually, she went driving with her assistant, got a flat tire and left her car in the middle of the road until it was impounded. How will she buy her five daily frappuccinos now?

• Looks like Suri Cruise has some competition. Nicole Kidman announced she is expecting a baby with husband Keith Urban. Expect a baby photo op competition between Kidman and ex Tom Cruise in the future " or maybe even another alien baby for Tommy boy.

Britney Spears shaving her head

Victoria Beckham has topped the famous Mr. Blackwell’s worst-dressed list. What was it that ruined her for Mr. Blackwell? Was it her orange skin, her concrete breasts or her ever-present glare? According to the style guru, her one major folly is her love of miniskirts and dresses. Given all her other fashion faux pas, it seems he let Mrs. Beckham off easy.

Eminem’s absence from the spotlight was briefly interrupted when the rapper was rushed to hospital due to complications from pneumonia and a serious heart condition. Guess the usual half tab of ecstasy and cognac before each performance is beginning to take its toll.

• A rumour was circulating that the Backstreet Boys were about to be dropped by its record label. According to a label spokesperson, however, it’s simply not true. In fact, the boy band is about to embark on a world tour, which will launch in Japan " also known as the touring haven for washed-up artists coming to grips with the end of their career.

• Due to the writers strike, NBC has cancelled the 65th annual Golden Globes awards. In its place the network will air a press conference to announce the winners. That sounds about as exciting as watching Canadian Parliament.

• In the latest issue of CosmoGIRL!, Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz says he thinks girls don’t need to wear a lot of makeup to be beautiful. Guess he’s trading roles with girlfriend Ashlee Simpson " is a nose job next?

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