Men's Fashion 101: Finding your own style

Never underestimate solid colours and a great pair of kicks

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Men's Fashion Style

Most fashion articles focus on female fashion since the ladies are generally more interested. But the truth is, guys are interested in style, too. Many men put time and effort into their look and for them, shopping is just as fun as it is for girls.

However, the lack of help and information available can cause some guys to give up on keeping up with the latest trends. For guys who want to improve their fashion sense, a little help is all you need to begin your style journey.

Girls learn early on that owning a few key items can improve their style tremendously. So choosing a few good articles of clothing can provide numerous looks simply by mixing and matching.

Finding a good pair of jeans is probably the hardest task. For everyone, styles, fits, and even brands differ. The most important thing to remember when taking on this challenge is to be patient and try on, try on, try on! Visit a variety of different stores and experiment with different fits to find exactly what is right for you â€" it’s worth it in the end.

Future jean purchases can be made at the same stores since brands are consistent in their designs. Good places to start the search include American Eagle, Guess, Levi’s, or department stores like The Bay or Holt Renfrew that carry a variety of brands. These stores have numerous fits, cuts, and designs all in one spot, so trying styles on is much easier.

Shoes are an item that guys often overlook, but a great pair is one of the most important variables in the fashion equation. Many girls argue that the first thing they look at is shoes â€" this is true in most cases. A guy can rock the trendiest of looks, but as eyes gaze from top to bottom, shoes can leave an important last impression.

Finding a pair of shoes that look good with any outfit means looking for neutral shades like black or brown. Try to keep things simple. Having nice shoes doesn’t mean finding flashy styles or daring designs. Stores like Town Shoes, Aldo, or Sterling offer a variety of styles and employ male staff members who can make things much easier.

Sweaters and shirts are pretty standard. The hot colours for winter this year are orange and green, so adding these colours to your closet is more easily done through a good shirt.

Sticking to solid colours is the safest bet since patterns and other designs can get confusing. If you want to add some pop to your look, choose a daring colour in a collared shirt that you can play down by throwing a neutral sweater overtop.

A great look this season is an orange collared shirt underneath a black or charcoal gray sweater. Let the bottom of the shirt hang out the bottom of the sweater and fold your collar over the neck of the sweater. Pay attention to window displays in men’s stores to also get some ideas.

It’s important to note that good style requires effort. While these tips are intended to make the shopping experience easier and less confusing, they do not overrule the patience necessary in finding the right piece. Trying on different styles, sizes and brands is the only way to discover the right article of clothing or the best pair of shoes.

Uncovering the deal of a lifetime means sorting through racks of clothing. Don’t give up. With a little effort and determination you can go from an average Joe to a sexy style stud in no time.

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