Finally, a party website for organized cool kids like Facebook's event application on speed

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

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WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU'VE BEEN BLOCKED FROM FACEBOOK EVENTS? YOU GO FIND ANOTHER SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE — DUH. is the latest in interactive networkng sites that boast a marketplace of happenings in your city.

We’ve all been there: another hectic week of school finally comes to a close and the weekend arrives. What better way to take a load off than a night out with your friends?

As you get home and start calling around, you’re suddenly faced with the task of organizing the plans and schedules of all your friends. Next week, avoid the telephone tag headaches " use the Internet instead.

With websites like MySpace and Facebook, the World Wide Web has completely revolutionized social interaction. Is there room for yet another social networking giant?

IPartee co-founders Mike Montano and Chris Golda think so.

Frustrated with the confusion and chaos of organizing nights out on the town, the two third-year engineering students at the University of Toronto began playing with the idea of creating their own invite/event social network. Before long, IPartee was born.

Essentially, IPartee is like Facebook’s Events application on speed. With features like a messaging wall and user profile, there are definite similarities to the Internet giant, but they’re only skin-deep.

The majority of IPartee’s features are limited to the organization of the average student’s nightlife. Whether you want to find out which bar in your city is offering the best deals this Friday, create a poll to see which club the majority of your friends will be going to next Thursday or organize a birthday party for one of your roommates, IPartee has all the tools you need.

The idea of an event-based social network is nothing new. Other invite/event services exist all over the web, but what makes IPartee different from competitors like Evite, Eventful, Upcoming and Windows Live Events is its scope.

“[Competitive social networks] have several limitations: you can’t review events, you can’t tag photos to events, you can’t browse events that aren’t in your network, you can’t find events at your favorite places, and so on,” Montano explains.

Other features allow users to research and review venues in their area, create polls to plan events, and as development of the site continues, users will be able to buy and sell tickets to special events like a concert or keg party.

IPartee is an alternative method of cyber-socialization. Montano notes, “As social-networking becomes more popular, you’re flooded with invitations to join every new site. Even if you just want to stick to Facebook, that doesn’t mean IPartee can’t help you find things going on in your area as well.”

IPartee is another social tool that holds serious potential to benefit London’s nightlife.

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