On Disc: Kill the Lights

Album: Buffalo of Love

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Buffalo of Love by Kill the Lights

Kill the Lights
Buffalo of Love
Maple Music Records

4 stars

Buffalo of Love is the most recent release by the young band Kill the Lights. This five-piece Montrealbased group has a sound that’s neither flashy nor groundbreaking, but nonetheless offers captivating tunes.

With one or two listens through the album, you’ll notice each member’s talent and how much they compliment one another.

“Skinny White Girls” is a solid track that contains a complex melodic composition as Steph Hanna and Alex Hackett’s vocals enhance one another. The guitar work of Hackett and Joe Yarmush adds to the song’s appeal, along with Yann Geoffroy’s upbeat drums and the accents that John Dignard’s bass work provides.

“Ceremony in the Basement” is another standout track with a darker tone and slower pace. This song shows the band’s instrumental ability with its long musical interlude, which then blends in with the lyrics and vocals.

Overall, Buffalo of Love is a beautiful mosaic of sound that hasn’t quite been matched or heard since the Strokes album, First Impressions of Earth or the Meligrove Band’s Planet Conspire. Kill the Lights blends together the perfect amount of pop, alternative and indie rock.

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