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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Tyler Chan

Name: Tyler Chan
Program: BMOS
Year: Second
Where he was spotted: Concrete Beach

Tyler is no stranger to the sophisticated/trendy style that’s popular in high fashion runways today. Wearing his Adidas sneakers and a baby blue Fred Perry pullover over a black tie, Tyler effortlessly pulls off the sophisti-funk look.

‘I lean towards more smart and casual but also some Japanese style,” he says.

As a local Londoner, Tyler travels to Toronto to spruce up his high end wardrobe. Stores like Goodfoot on Richmond Street West and Livestock on Spadina are essential for sneakerheads while Ransom, also on Richmond, is his one-stop shop for streetwear.

He purchased his tie and long peacoat-style jacket from Zara, a cheap-chic store similar to H&M. He also can’t forget to stop by other hipster stores along Queen Street West.

Influenced by Hiroshi Fujiwara, the “unofficial godfather of Japanese fashion,” Tyler says the style here in London is not bad, but he finds everyone dresses the same.

Shying away from the typical “Western look,” Tyler says his favourite pieces are ties and bags. “They can really change the look. You got a white dress shirt and then change it up with a red tie and you can give it a lot of class.”

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