On Disc: Poison the Well

Album: Versions

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Versions by Poison the Well

Poison the Well

4 stars

Poison the Well’s sixth release, Versions, is its most exciting work yet.

Poison The Well is careful not to stray too far from its roots and refuses to present a style that has already been covered.

The album starts off with the merciless and fast paced “Letter Thing.” Lead singer Jeff Moreira’s screaming is disturbingly authentic.

The guitars are atmospheric with a hint of slide guitar style playing. Drummer Chris Hornbrook makes use of a tambourine on his kit and wait " was that a banjo? The album’s innovation keeps the listener in anxious what tricks the band will pull in every song.

“Composer Meets Corpse” invokes a dance rhythm akin to the recently dissolved Blood Brothers, and “Slow Good Morning” is oddly reminiscent of the Animals’ “House of the Rising Sun.”

Poison the Well demands your attention, and upon hearing Versions, you’ll be pleased to comply.

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