On Disc: Ghostface Killa

Album: The Big Doe Rehab

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

The Big Doe Rehab by Ghostface Killa

Ghostface Killa
The Big Doe Rehab

4 stars

Wu-Tang’s six-year hiatus did not mean the rest of the Clan was inactive. During that time, Ghostface Killa was perfecting his craft.

His latest release, The Big Doe Rehab, is another great album to add to the list. Like The Pretty Toney and More Fish, Ghostface revels in funky, bouncy beats over a wide range of instruments.

“Walk Around” is a terrific example of Ghostface’s lyrical dexterity, which fans new and old alike have all come to know and love.

Many rappers have difficulty taking the time to make each track count. This is especially prevalent on tracks like “White Linen Affair,” where Ghostface raps about celebrity parties and other rival rappers, which does not come off as a diss track per se, but more like showing off.

“Slow Down” is another notable track on The Big Doe Rehab with lyrical gems like “You buy O-Zs of haze / I buy forests full of trees.” Ghostface’s latest release is a testament to his evolving style.

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