Hayden, Basia Bulat go solo at Aeolian Hall

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009


Shaun Ding

On Saturday night, folk artists Basia Bulat and Hayden gave a sold-out audience shivers at Aeolian Hall.

Bulat opened the night, and although it was a solo performance, it was nothing short of amazing.

Bulat sang with a smile as she swayed to her guitar’s music. It was clear she was enjoying the concert as much as the fans.

The crowd was a mix of various age groups, from music lovers in their late teens to middle-aged folk fans. They were also very respectful and kept silent during the performance so as to soak in every note.

Bulat switched between her acoustic guitar and various string instruments like the Autoharp, and played songs from her album Oh my Darling.

After a short break between sets, Hayden took the stage and immediately engaged the plaid-wearing concertgoers in the audience with his brand of mellow, alternative, country-influenced folk-rock.

It was also a solo performance, so Hayden chose songs with melodies that his voice, a guitar or piano and a harmonica could sustain. He played a nice mix of songs from his previous albums and his newest and seventh release, In Field & Town.

In between songs he spoke to the crowd about past concerts and shared stories about how some people misinterpreted the lyrics of “Woody,” a song about his cat playing in his backyard; as something more sexual.

Hayden’s charisma shone not only through his outsanding performance, but also his unique tales of the road.

Overall, the concert was interesting and well received by the London crowd. Due to the sold-out show and high demand, the two folk artists played a second show the next day.

The combination of Bulat’s powerful vocals and Hayden’s excellent songs made for a thoroughly entertaining concert.

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