On Disc: Small Sins

Album: Mood Swings

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Mood Swings by Small Sins

Small Sins
Mood Swings
Boompa Records

4 stars

Mood Swings is Small Sins’ latest release since its self-titled debut.

The band’s sound is unique with solid vocals from lead singer Thomas D’Arcy, dynamic instrumentals and an electronic sound. Its songs are comparable to those of the Killers or Postal Service because of their futuristic element, but differ in the darkness of its lyrics.

In fact, the band’s name, Small Sins, is an understatement compared to the lyrics heard on its album, which allude to murder and adultery; sins that can hardly be considered small.

Mood Swings starts with a bang, quite literally, with the song “I Need a Friend” that begins with the lyrics, “If you give me a gun, well, I’ll shoot myself in the foot.” The gun imagery continues throughout the album such as the song “On the Line.”

The subject matter seems dark, but Small Sins composes its music in such a way that you still feel the need to get up and dance.

The album has strong vocals and instrumentals, but its primary attraction is its simplicity. The repetitive lyrics and methodical bass lines in the songs are catchy and easy to go along with.

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