UWO comics leave audience laughing

The Ceeps showcases Western Comedy Club talent

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Brad Roachfort, Jeremy Rupke, Ammad Farooqui, L.A. King and Omid Salari

Until 9 p.m. last Sunday, the Ceeps could have been mistaken for any other bar that night. But as it filled up, something else filled the air " laughter.

The Ceeps was host to Shenaniganza, Pt. 2, a standup comedy event put on by the UWO Comedy Club. Featuring more standup comics than the first, the event included five student comedians, not counting the dreadlocked madman MC, Al Val, who introduced each comedian and even started a very special “slow clap.”

Comics Brad Roachfort, Jeremy Rupke, Ammad Farooqui, L.A. King and Omid Salari appeared before a Ceeps crowd three times larger than the original Shenaniganza.

Roachfort took the floor first and began by joking about being pulled over by the police. He also started a thread, poking fun at the obese that became a topic other comics would pick up on and make their own throughout the night.

Rupke mused about how small towns are often forced to compile several professions into one, leading to the hilarious joke about his hometown’s veterinarian/butcher.

Farooqui, who can thank The Gazette for some new material regarding the misspelling of his name after the first Shenaniganza, told a lot of self-deprecating jokes about his former weight problems. He finished his set with a public service announcement imploring girls to give obese guys a chance.

Next up was L.A. King " not the lacklustre hockey team that hasn’t been the same since Gretzky’s departure " but the young comedienne. King’s position as someone frustrated by both the hypocrisy she sees in her feminist roommates and the double standards set for her as a female in the male-dominated comic world was well received.

King was recently invited to become a regular act at London Yuk Yuk’s comedy club after just her second appearance. She often opens for professional comedians and plans on trying out at the upcoming audition for Last Comic Standing in Toronto.

The Ceeps patrons on Sunday night walked away from Shenaniganza, Pt. 2 having learned some very important things. First, the Ceeps has a great setup for comedy acts. The management just needs to be convinced it’s worth covering the dance floor with tables and chairs from time to time.

Second, Al Val is a bizarre monkeyman who will break your collarbone in half the first chance he gets.

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