On Disc: The Dry Heeves

Album: 420

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

420 by The Dry Heeves

The Dry Heeves
VVU Music

1 star

It’s a shame the sixth album from the Dry Heeves has no hope of making it big.

The Dry Heeves, originatingfrom Nova Scotia, offers an eclectic mix of genres on its latest release 420. From acoustic to acid rock, grunge to trance, it’s hard to get a handle on this disc.

420 opens up with a two-minute acid rock instrumental, “Oxycontin,” featuring what one can only assume to be the morose screams of a dying infant. Things don’t improve much from there.

“Bras d’or bu” is a bit odd, thanks to accompanying lyrics like: “It’s August first and I’m high as hell ... great time for a trip " not on LSD,” or “you’re pitching the tent in more ways than one.”

More politically-motivated songs, like “Oh Candahar,” have lyrics that are so cliché you could guess each line based on the previous line’s rhymes.

All in all, avoid this album as it has no merit whatsoever.

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