AHSC play Bedtime Stories hits Conron Hall

Twelve actors, six stories and two hours of comedic fun

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Feet in bed

This year, the Arts and Humanities Student Council is giving Western a new way to get rid of those winter blahs, at least for an evening or two.

Bedtime Stories, a new play by Canadian playwright Norm Foster, is a combination of scenes centred on six different bedrooms and the people who occupy them. Producer Ben Singer, directors Amanda D’Uva and Marcus Brown, and a cast of 12 other arts and humanities students bring the six stories together for two hours of comedic and thought-provoking entertainment.

The play opens on radio shock-jock DJ Eddie “Nighthawk” Nichols and Lou and Betsy Ballantyne " the couple Eddie is paying $5,000 to have live sex on his radio show. As the play continues, the audience is introduced to several equally colourful characters, including an accident-prone stripper, an aging shock rocker and a first-time house burglar.

Producer and AHSC’s philanthropy commissioner Singer is a fan of Foster and chose this play because of Foster’s unique style.

“Two years ago I produced Office Hours by Norm Foster, which is basically about six scenes in an office,” Singer says. “I wanted to do something very much like that, and Bedtime Stories is by the same author in a similar style. They both feature large casts and self-contained but interconnected scenes.”

Jen Fraser, a talented fourth-year veteran of the Western theatre scene, has been a part of several plays while at Western. She found this play to be particularly stimulating because it is student-oriented.

“I think it’s awesome that the [AHSC] is taking on this initiative, it’s been a great experience. Especially because the play is completely student run " the producers, directors and actors are all students. I think that’s something this school has been lacking and it’s great that we’re able to do that now,” Fraser says.

With no drama program at Western, students have to go outside academics to practise the dramatic arts. Theatre Western puts on a one-act play festival and two major productions throughout the year, but three shows are hardly enough to satisfy the entire student body.

Student leaders like D’Uva and Singer take it upon themselves to offer students more opportunities to get on stage and express their artistic side.

The cast and crew of Bedtime Stories have been hard at work for the past two months preparing what is sure to be an outstanding show.

Bedtime Stories will be playing at Conron Hall in University College on Sunday at 4 p.m. and Monday at 9 p.m. Advance tickets are $5 or $7.36 at the door.

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