Valentine's Day outings that trump flowers and candy

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

As today is Valentine’s Day, many may still be scrambling to produce a last-minute date itinerary. Instead of going with the less than impressive routine of dinner and a movie, this year break away from the cliché and try one of these alternative Valentine dates.

Rent a porno
WARNING: Not to be attempted on a first date.

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your evening with your long-time someone, try renting a pornographic film. You’ll have a ball snickering at some of the outrageous titles while at the video store. Once at home, the two of you will enjoy an intimate and provocative evening exploring each other’s secret desires.

Pick up garbage
For the environmentally-conscious couple, nothing is more intimate than sharing a concern for a pressing cause. Picking up trash at a park, school or in your own backyard is an excellent way to do something positive together this Valentine’s day.

Hit up a casino
Nothing makes for a special Valentine’s Day more than winning oodles of money. Even if lady luck doesn’t shine on you, it’s a great way to energize your Valentine without the pressure.

Create a dish
Everyone loves a mate with culinary skills, so why not show off while having fun at the same time? But this time, don’t follow a recipe. Each of you goes to the grocery store and purchases any five things without knowing what the other person is getting. When you return home, take the assortment of randomly selected foods and try to come up with a dish using everything purchased. Remember, if it turns out awful, you can always order pizza.

Finger paint each other’s bodies
What is sexier than exploring one another’s bodies with some inviting finger paints? Have your partner strip down to their unmentionables while you scantily cover their body in your original finger-tastic designs. And the best part? Once both of you are covered from head to toe (and then some) in exuberant colours, the two of you can hit the showers " together.

It doesn’t have to be as cheesy as it sounds. Try to break away from the conventional “scrapbook of our relationship” and throw together a book of everything that starts with the letter Z or everything that is the colour blue. The point isn’t what the book is about; it’s a chance for each of you to show off your creativity while having fun together.

Stay in bed
For a sweet and sensual Valentine’s Day without the hype, why not opt out of going out and just stay in bed? It’s easy, it’s cheap and though it may not have the razzle dazzle of other Valentine’s plans, the important thing is that you’ll be spending it curled up with that special someone. Isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about anyway?

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