On Disc: Jack Johnson

Album: Sleep Through the Static

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Sleep Through the Static by Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson
Sleep Through the Static
Brushfire Records

2.5 stars

If you liked Jack Johnson’s last album In Between Dreams, you will love his new one " it sounds exactly the same.

But if you expect something new and exciting from Sleep Through the Static, you just might sleep through the whole CD. The cover image, a welcome change from the earthy art of his previous releases, does not live up to its promise of something new musically.

Johnson replaces his acoustic guitar with an electric one, but plays it so similarly that the difference goes unnoticed. The album is darker than its predecessors " but even those were far from any lighthearted Beach Boys fare. The bluesy title track “Sleep Through the Static,” complete with memorable vocal and guitar hooks, sounds like the product of a rained out day of surfing.

“They Do They Don’t” is easily the most interesting cut on the album. The track’s guitars are spiced up with shaky tremolo effects and distortion. Sleep Through the Static has its moments.

Unfortunately, they’re all almost impossible to distinguish from one another.

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