Chariot, Poison the Well hit Call the Office

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Poison the Well

Hardcore punk was alive and well at Call the Office last Friday, as Poison the Well and the Chariot rocked their hearts out.

The Chariot’s performance was dead on; the band played every note and every chord with intense precision. Added to this was Josh Scogin’s extremely unique, emotional and all-encompassing scream that demands your attention.

Though the band was true to its recordings, there were embellishments, and any time Scogin wanted to communicate with the audience, you could rest assured he would scream it.

Given only a 30-minute slot, the band churned out song after song with no break, so as to squeeze in as many punk rock wonders as possible.

Afterwards, Poison the Well was met with an adoring crowd, arms and legs flailing, bodies bashing and in some cases screaming in admiration, such as when “Letter Thing” was played. Chris Hornbrook’s drums penetrated every corner of the club.

Though you could hear every band member’s parts fairly clearly for the Chariot, Poison the Well was slightly closer to what many like to call a “wall of noise.”

However, its sound improved throughout the set, particularly towards the end, for a riveting performance of the classic song “Nerdy,” to the crowd’s excitement.

The audience was a little more reserved than you would expect at a hardcore punk show, but there was still a circle pit, even if only a modest one.

Excitement was at a fever pitch for most of the show (including when a speaker caught fire); however, the absence of any proper lighting and an only moderately roused crowd were a damper on the performance.

Fortunately, there were enough punk rockers in the crowd with the adrenaline to keep the energy flowing and the performances were bursting with fire.

If you were able to look away from the stage during the Chariot’s raw performance of “The Deaf Policeman” or Poison the Well’s “Naïve Monarch,” you were probably wearing a blindfold and earmuffs.

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