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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

London Writer's Society's home page

London offers many community clubs, festivals and organizations, including one society that offers novice writers a chance to share their work with other ink-slingers of various levels.

The London Writers’ Society is relatively new to the city’s art scene, created last May by Cheryl Curtis. It hasn’t been a cakewalk for this new club. Executive resignations, low member attendance and funding issues almost ended the society before it even began.

“It’s been " again from my perspective " a very rough ride,” Cleo Beck, current president of the London Writers’ Society, says. “It’s been one minor crisis after another, but now it’s coming together.”

Currently, there are approximately 30 members in the society. The group offers exposure and support to writers of all levels by holding various activities and gatherings.

Every month the club holds a meeting that includes either a guest speaker from the professional writing community, a mini-workshop or a “reading” night. Personal work can also be shared in writing critique circles, which consist of members coming together to focus on a specific genre of writing, such as poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction. These circles are held informally, with no “leading expert.” Instead, everyone is expected to offer constructive criticism.

If you’re overloaded with schoolwork however, the group also offers an interactive website where you can post your work in a forum and offer feedback. The London Writers’ Society is a great place for those interested in expanding their writing skills, looking for a place to share ideas or finding peers who share the same interests.

“When the group is ‘sizzling’ with good writing, intelligent ideas and insightful critiques, it’s energizing,” Beck says. “People leave feeling more positive about writing and about themselves as writers.”

To get in contact with the London Writers’ Society, visit its website at

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