Karma gets Elisha, Lindsay's a homewrecker

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

James Brown’s children are in mourning. Not because they miss their dad since his death less than a year ago, but because they’re missing something else " their $7 million inheritance. Court-appointed administrators looking into Brown’s estate told a judge that a former trustee might have stolen millions. Looks like Tori Spelling might not be the only celeb-child having a garage sale this year.

• For most people, going to rehab is a time for self-improvement, reflection, and healing. Lindsay Lohan however, thought her third stint in rehab would be the perfect time to pick up a new boy toy. LiLo has allegedly been getting her “healing” on with husband and father of two, Tony Allen. Apparently Lindsay and Allen have been bonding over their similar addictions and creative passions. Unfortunately for the new lovers, after almost two months in rehab LiLo is due to be released this weekend. Don’t worry Tony, Lindsay will be back soon enough.

• If you’ve ever heard of YouTube and Britney Spears, chances are you’ve heard of Internet phenomenon Chris Crocker. This Tennessee native is a professional Internet blogger who recently made a YouTube video that has taken the public by storm. Crocker has since been featured on CNN, the Globe and Mail and Jimmy Kimmel Live, and his video has been viewed over nine million times. People have become so interested in him that he even landed his own reality TV show. Coming soon to a TV near you, a show about a skinny blonde guy who wears lots of makeup and cries in his room about Britney Spears.

• Rumors have been flying about Jennifer Lopez and her suspected pregnancy with husband Marc Anthony. Lopez has been seen sporting a lovely glow on her face and wearing very loose dresses in “slimming” black. Hopefully they inherit mommy’s looks, and not Anthony’s zombie-like facial features.

• Friends of Pamela Anderson are concerned for her health, so they’ve decided to stage an intervention. Strangely, instead of convincing Anderson to go to rehab, they chose to spill all of her juicy problems to the New York Post’s Page Six. According to Anderson’s pals, she parties every night, drinks in spite of her hepatitis C, and cares more about her social life than raising her two young sons. Who would have thought that someone could make Tommy Lee seem like an ideal parent?

• The relationship between Elisha Cuthbert and New York Rangers hockey star Sean Avery is on the rocks. Justin Timberlake’s hit “What Goes Around... (...Comes Around)” was reportedly about Cuthbert, who cheated on Timberlake’s best friend with Avery. Timberlake must be psychic.

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