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Album: Watershed

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Watershed by k.d. lang

k.d. lang

4 stars

k.d. lang is best known as Canada’s most famous lesbian, vegetarian and country singer. With her first offering since 2000’s Invincible Summer, Watershed shows Lang has improved with time.

“Sunday” features a jazz vibe and “I Dream of Spring” plays on Brazilian sounds, allowing Lang to show she is comfortable with her voice and her own sound.

The self-produced Watershed took six years to create and features both original offerings and reinterpretations of classics like “Hallelujah.”

The arrangements of “Thread” and “Flame of the Uninspired” highlight the rich power of her voice and “Coming Home” shows she hasn’t forgotten her Canadian roots. Lang has clearly found her creative niche; the melodic tones of “Close Your Eyes” brilliantly showcases her range.

Despite a lack of catchy songs like “Miss Chatelaine,” the album demonstrates Lang’s determination to be her own songwriter and producer.

We can only hope she doesn’t make the world wait another seven years for her next album.

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