On Disc: The Madcaps

Album: Kiss the Lion

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Kiss the Lion by The Madcaps

The Madcaps
Kiss the Lion
Voxtone Records

4 stars

Canadian pop rock outfit the Madcaps shaped its sound differently this time and dabbled in something heavier and more raw with Kiss the Lion.

“Winner or Loser” kicks the album off on a high with its complex rhythm, distorted guitars and catchy riff.

The next few tracks follow the age-old formula of up-beat tempos and great pop harmonies prompting rock purists to wonder how much variety Kiss the Lion really has to offer.

Another track that may stand the test is “Crying,” a song heavier than the rest, but still in keeping with the upbeat vibe the band revels in.

This album should satisfy any picky pop rock fans and may even appeal to some of the hard-to- crack rock enthusiasts. The Madcaps may well be Canada’s answer to the barrage of indie pop rock from Britain.

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