On Disc: Danko Jones

Album: Never Too Loud

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Never Too Loud by Danko Jones

Danko Jones
Never Too Loud
Aquarius Records

3 stars

Like the previous releases in the late ’90s and early 2000s, most hard rockers will have a difficult time not grooving to the rock anthems of this car stereo accessory; it’s rare words and music fit together so perfectly and are so deliberately linked to adrenaline and excitement.

The lyrics, albeit juvenile and repetitive, are exactly what many fans of hard rock savour. Danko Jones is blunt and never lays the situation out for you. If you missed the song about lazing, around driving in the city, a boys night out or having sex on the first date, don’t worry " the band repeats it again and again " it knows you’re not paying attention.

From the clever use of a delaypedal riff in “Code of the Road” to the impressive diversity of vocal style, Danko Jones gives you something that sounds hard and is easy to get into.

However, songs like “Take Me Home” sound a lot like Blink-182 and Fountains of Wayne; it’s hard to ignore how many bands it ripped off in Never Too Loud. But it’s equally hard to ignore how much fun it is to listen to.

Never Too Loud is likely one of Danko Jones’ stronger releases.

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