Monster Truck rally hits the John Labatt Centre

Big beer, big trucks and wheelies equals a great time

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Sampson monster truck jumping wrecked cars

Monster trucks, motor oil and mullets " what’s not to love?

It’s probably not the average Western student’s idea of a good time, but some find getting dolled up and heading to the same strip of bars week after week can become boring, so why not try something outside of the bubble?

This past weekend, Monster Jam landed at the John Labatt Centre with three chances to check out the world’s finest oversized autos " Grave Digger, El Toro Loco, Rap Attack, Prowler and Predator.

For as little as $16.75 " about the same price as three drinks at the bar " the excitement of watching really big cars crush really little ones unfolded like a non-stop demolition parade. Add a few four-wheelers and motocross riders for some variety and the perfect non-conventional outing was complete. Splurging for a $10 beer or two and an all-beef hotdog smothered in ketchup was akin to going all out.

So why stray from comfortable Western-dominated grounds to a place where families with small children and men with ponytails and mullets roam?

“That question answers itself. It’s Monster Jam,” explains Jaclyn McKenna, a third-year history student and first-time audience member at Monster Jam. “Big beer and big trucks equals good times,” Kathryn Markham, a third-year biology major, adds.

“I’ve stopped going to the bars every weekend because I get tired of them,” McKenna says, adding she’s yet to find anywhere else where she can drink beer and yell obnoxiously at cars at two in the afternoon.

For those skeptical of the outrageously good time to be had at a monster truck rally, don’t be so closed-minded. The exhilaration of watching 10,000 lb. machines growling deafeningly as they crush rows of cars is contagious.

And it’s not just a ‘guy thing’ either. “I seriously think Rap Attack was better than Grave Digger. He went backwards!” McKenna says. “No way. Grave Digger’s the best,” Markham responds.

While hitting the bars is a safe bet for students looking for a good time, sometimes looking beyond Richmond Row has its benefits. “Oh, it’s a tradition now. We’re already looking forward to Monster Jam ’09,” Markham declares.

“Next year, I want to sit close enough to get sprayed with Grave Digger’s dirt,” McKenna says.

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