Wish you were there: Pulse rivals Pink Floyd

Tribute band's talent creates authentic Floyd experience

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Pulse: A Pink Floyd Tribute

Justin Wu

LISTENING TO THESE GUYS MAKES YOU TICKLED ... PINK. "Pulse: A Pink Floyd Tribute" rocked Alumni Hall last week, playing classics from albums like Animals, The Wall and Dark Side of the Moon.

People of all different backgrounds and ages filled Alumni Hall Thursday night, united under the colours of the rainbow. But it wasn’t for what you might expect; it was for “Pulse: A Pink Floyd Tribute.”

The lights fell half an hour late for a band that was anxious about not having enough fans by the stage to keep the energy up " there were never as many people on the floor as there were sitting in the bleachers " but this did not negatively affect the concert.

Predictably, many Pink Floyd fans were in attendance. The songs played by the all-student ensemble could be best enjoyed from an elevated seat, similar to the relaxed and attentive way one usually listens to Pink Floyd.

Though the event was hyped for playing Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety, the band played many other hits from both before and after the influential Dark Side.

The first four songs of the night were from as many albums. The concert kicked off with “Pigs on the Wing,” the only track from Animals played that night. Interestingly, the band’s sound was closer to Floyd’s than Physical Plant’s resemblance to the smoke stacked power station on Animals’ cover.

Following this song was “In the Flesh,” the first track from The Wall and another fitting song that worked on a meta-level since it is about going to watch a concert.

After the crowd-pleasing “Have a Cigar,” the group played two of the more epic songs off Meddle, “One of These Days,” which had a cool intro with two bassists, and the sprawling “Echoes,” which clocked in at over 16 minutes.

Oddly, the next song was “Wots... Uh the Deal,” from the aptly-named album, Obscured by Clouds. This song might have been unfamiliar to even die-hard Floyd fans since the album never received much credit from critics. The band’s lead guitarist, who had already shown incredible versatility when he mimicked Roger Waters’ vocals in “In the Flesh,” showed another facet of his talent when he played a lap-worn slide guitar for this song.

The band played two more tracks from The Wall before intermission, signaling the Dark Side of the Moon performance was next. A highlight from this presentation included “Time,” which had a dazzling strobe effect and the same flying clocks visual from the original Pink Floyd Eclipse Tour.

Also, “Great Gig in the Sky,” had one of the female backup singers taking centre stage for an unbelievable performance.

Pulse, however, was not done; a three-song encore was still in store for its impressed audience that included the entire epic “Shine on You Crazy Diamond,” “Wish You Were Here” and “Comfortably Numb.”

There may have only been one lighter in the air for the solo of “Shine On,” but this was for the best " if too many open flames had come near the stage, the incendiary guitar work during might have sent the whole auditorium up in flames.

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