APK plays host to battle of the bands

'So You Think You Can Rock' helps Canadian Cancer Society

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Western band

WE'RE WHO'S CHAD? WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? Monday night's Battle of the Bands at the APK features a variety of Western bands competing for the top spot.

Looking for something to do on a Monday night that isn’t Jack’s-related? Next Monday, the Alex P. Keaton will play host to the So You Think You Can Rock: Battle of the Bands showcase.

The show features four student bands from Western, each with a five-song set. All audience members will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite band and the winner will receive a cash prize.

“The APK has always been known for its band atmosphere, making it the perfect venue for a battle of the bands. The bar has hosted a few other similar contests over the past year, including the Engineers Without Borders fundraiser,” Mark Gammel, owner of the Alex P. Keaton, says. “I try to offer the bar as a space where people can make it feel [like] their own ... almost like a house party.”

The APK has begun hosting semi-regular Monday contest nights and So You Think You Can Rock is a part of that intitiative. Other contest night events include Mustache Madness and a month-long colouring contest.

Event organizers Lauren Kelly and Nicole Barry are using the event both as an experience builder for student musicians and as a fundraiser for cancer research.

“The proceeds of the event are going to be split [between] the band and the Canadian Cancer Society,” Kelly says.

Kelly’s interest in student bands ties into her hopes of using music to raise money and awareness for a good cause. Originally, Kelly came up with the idea for a battle of the bands after seeing friends in bands that have little opportunity and experience to perform.

“A significant portion of the live music gigs in London are for cover bands, so [You Think You Can Rock] will give bands the chance to play their own music in front of a crowd,” Kelly says.

Brenden Woods, lead singer and guitarist from Who’s Chad?, volunteered because his band is fairly new and needs as much live experience as it can get.

“Right now, we’re in the embryonic stage,” Woods explains. “We’ve played only a handful of live shows before now. We’re spending most of our playing-time practising in a spare bedroom.”

So You Think You Can Rock takes place this Monday, March 24. Doors open at 9 p.m. and tickets are $5. If you’re interested in performing, contact soyouthinkyoucanrock@hotmail.com.

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