'Band Without Borders' launches world tour

Western alumni showcase 33-month trip across 100 countries

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

The Last Supper

Almost everyone has dreamed of being a rock star. Making a career out of travelling the world is a privilege that, for most people, is never more than a fleeting dream. But for the Last Supper, a band formed by a group of Western alumni, the goal isn’t just getting out on the road, but staying out there.

Formed in 1996, the band takes a no-gimmicks approach to rock ‘n’ roll. Vocalist Dan Shwetz’s smooth moans and roars drape over the thunder of Frankie Biggz’s drums, which is accompanied by percussionist David Baines and bassist Scott Herndon. Completed by the swimming whine of Peter Walker’s guitar and the result is a mid-’90s alternative rock sound.

Aside from the Last Supper’s interesting sound, what is equally notable is its latest project, “Band Without Borders.” The band plans to produce a reality TV show that highlights a 33-month trip across 100 countries, setting a world record. As if the project isn’t ambitious enough, the band plans on making the entire tour carbon neutral.

While this is obviously the largest tour the band members have embarked upon, it won’t be the first time that they have travelled overseas. The group has a long history of travelling, often citing it as one of the main reasons for starting the band in the first place.

Walker says another reason for the tour’s length is the opportunity to observe the commonalities between different cultures.

“It’s really cool to go to places in the Middle East and hear Metallica on the radio,” he says.

When asked why they decided to make the tour carbon neutral, Walker describes the disturbing realities of pollution.

“Some cities are so clouded by smog that you have to hold your fist over your mouth while you walk.”

“With so much new technology coming out, it only makes sense to be taking advantage of some of it,” Baines adds.

The decision to record and broadcast the tour was an easy one as the band has traditionally recorded most of what goes on while on the road anyway.

“We’re not getting any younger and with the state of the music industry right now, it’s just something that’ll get us out there more,” Walker says. Moreover, televising the tour would accomplish the band’s aim of exposing others to unfamiliar cultures.

The Last Supper is currently negotiating with a number of broadcasters and intends to start the tour in June. Walker hopes the show will successfully promote the band’s music, the cultures of other countries and its environmental goals.

“The plan is to record each spring, edit the show over winter and air the show the following spring,” Walker explains.

In addition to touring, the Last Supper also recorded its latest album, Order from Chaos, in a number of cities, including Los Angeles, Cairo, Ottawa, Montreal and finished it in London, Ontario at EMAC Recording Studios. The band will continue writing and recording on its tour, eventually releasing a live album from its shows.

The “Band Without Borders” tour will begin in Europe and, while currently there are no plans to play here in London, the Last Supper says a London date is certain.

“This is where everything started,” Walker says. “We’ll definitely do a show in London. We’ve gotten so much support from the area.”

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