On Disc: Born Ruffians

Album: Red, Yellow & Blue

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Red, Yellow & Blue by Born Ruffians

Born Ruffians
Red, Yellow & Blue
Warp Records

3.5 stars

Toronto band Born Ruffians bring some much needed colour to the Canadian scene in Red, Yellow & Blue.

The indie trio creates an infectious pop sound through the use of repetitive chorus lines and angular guitars played with Strokes-like staccato.

The title track opens calmly; it whistles smoothly until the drums arrive and swell with almost nationalistic fervor to open up for Luke Lalonde’s echoing voice, as he describes with candid innocence his own personal flag.

Lalonde’s voice is again a centerpiece for the album’s most interesting track, “Foxes Mate for Life.” The track starts by mixing simple guitar chords with an electronic beat that sounds like it was borrowed from tourmate Cadence Weapon. The beats fade away to introduce the Lalonde’s vocals, who yelps out the song’s chorus in an undulating and meandering fashion.

Those looking for variety may turn to “Little Garçon” " a song that begins like a lullaby as it showcases Lalonde’s breathless voice until it ends in a child-like round. By the end of the album, however, the band has exhausted its repertoire of sing-a-long anthems and those looking for more than standard pop fare will be left empty-handed.

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