New Kids reunite, Woody Allen's sue-happy

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

New Kids on the Block

Rumoured lovebirds Chris Brown and Rihanna have denied they are dating. Rihanna insists they feel like “brother and sister.” Considering photographs were released last week of the couple cuddling in a club, one wonders how they feel about incest.

Mother of the year Denise Richards says she tries to set a good example for her two daughters by never discussing her weight in front of them. Of course, Richards is also currently shooting a reality show about her life as a mother. What’s more damaging to a toddler’s psyche: hearing mommy talk about her weight or being forced to participate in mommy’s new reality show?

Jennifer Aniston recently announced she started her own production company. Word is Aniston plans to star in most of the company’s projects herself. One of the company’s planned films is The Goree Girls, a film about a group of female prison inmates who start a band. Apparently, Aniston is not interested in ending her streak of box office bombs.

Get your New Kids on the Block dolls out, ladies and gents. The original boy band is set to reunite on the Today show this Friday morning. In light of the failure of the Backstreet Boys reunion tour, this could be a bad move. With the surprising success of the Spice Girls reunion, though, it could go either way. Best of luck to the boys and their rattail hairstyles.

Paul McCartney’s stickin’ it to ex-wife Heather Mills already. Paparazzi snapped photos of Sir Paul vacationing with wealthy socialite Nancy Shevell last weekend. This is great news for McCartney for two reasons: it’s guaranteed to piss off Mills, and Shevell’s too rich to be another golddigger. Things are looking up.

If you’ve heard that Madonna is planning on remaking film classic Casablanca, you can breathe a sigh of relief. According to her publicist, the rumours were completely false. Or perhaps Madge didn’t want to repeat the embarrassment of Swept Away.

Woody Allen is suing American Apparel after it used his likeness to promote its brand. The clothing company used an image of Allen dressed as a Hasidic Jew in Annie Hall on a giant billboard in Los Angeles. We’re not sure why American Apparel thought that would be an effective ad campaign " Woody Allen doesn’t exactly scream pretentious indie fashion king " but we’re betting the company regrets the decision now.

Jay Leno is in hot water after he made some inappropriate on-air remarks to guest Ryan Phillippe. After he discovered that Phillippe played the first gay teenager on television on One Life to Live, Leno asked him to make his “gayest face” for the camera. Phillippe was instantly uncomfortable, and many viewers have expressed their disgust with the Tonight Show host. Hopefully Conan O’Brien will be more sensitive when he assumes Leno’s role next year.

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