Men's and women's fashion goes ethnic and earthy this spring

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Suits, Bold Colours, and Ethnic Influences

Got a case of the winter blues?

Although spring has technically arrived, spring weather is still absent. When the sunny weather finally comes, so will new trends.

Ladies, if there is one trend dominating the runways this year it is colour. Wearing rich, bright hues is the hottest way to make a statement. Yellow is the most popular choice, as it instantly brightens any look, but orange, red, royal blue and hot pink are also good. To pull this look off, choose simple styles that let the colour speak for itself. To be extra trendy, match opposite colours â€" like a yellow dress with a bright blue belt â€" or deep pink leggings with purple pumps.

The ethnic influence has gotten more detailed than tye-dyed saris or knotted sarongs. This season designers are embracing world fashion with intricate prints based on carved woodcuts, unconventional patterns, layers of unique embroideries and artisan metalworks. If you explore this trend, choose outfits that fit your body and accentuate your style. Be careful with accessories, since the detail of these outfits tends to be all you need, making necklaces or earrings unnecessary.

Wide bracelets or a ton of thin bangles are the trendiest accessories this spring. Since most of the looks are bold, too much jewelry will push your look overboard. However, decorating your wrist with simple bracelets can add the perfect touch to many looks.

Sheer tops, dresses and skirts are the perfect way to show off a poised spring look. Be careful here, because the point is not to bare all. Instead use sheer pieces as layers to give your outfit that dramatic edge.

Full skirts are in this season. This look can be challenging as it has a loose fit and ends mid-calf, so experiment with different styles and designs to find one that’s right for you. Match this option with simple shirts. Since full skirts have a lot of fabric, an unbalanced upper body will throw everything off.

This spring, guys should be either dressing up or dressing down â€" there is no in-between. The jacket-and-jeans look may have been hot last year, but this season smart and casual shouldn’t be mixed.

Suits should be worn often. Here, spare no detail by choosing a full suit in rich pinstripes or faded plaid patterns. This look is sure to make a statement.

The casual look can be made extra casual by choosing loose fitting pants, untucked shirts and comfortable sneakers. Even opting for items that don’t match can be fashionable. This should make most guys happy since outfits they find the most comfortable or that require minimal effort top this spring’s trend lists.

While the girls are busy trying to decide which bold colour to wear, all guys have got to worry about is blue. As the most popular colour for men this spring, blue can be worn in all shades and looks good on everyone.

It’s time men got in touch with their roots as earthy influences sweep the runways. Men are encouraged to wear comfortable fabrics such as cotton or hemp in loose fits. Suede sandals or moccasins are great shoe options in neutral colours. Hippie-inspired prints or shirt designs pair well with light jeans that have an extremely distressed look.

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