Sue Johanson talks sex, toys and disease prevention

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Sue Johanson

Casey Yetman

YOU'RE GOING TO BUY ANAL BEADS, DON'T GO CHEAP. Sue Johanson gave first year students a healthy dose of sex tips and tricks Wednesday night in Talbot Bowl. All of her secrets can be found at

“I’m so aware that I could be your grandmother, so the fact that I can get out there and make a total ass of myself, that’s very satisfying for me,” Sue Johanson said Wednesday, before taking the stage to talk to a few thousand first year students about sex.

The famous face behind Sunday Night Sex Show, who turned 78 this July, entertained and educated the attentive crowd on Orientation Week’s main stage in Talbot Bowl, covering all the topics high school sex-ed teachers don’t go near.

“They know a lot about the plumbing [anatomy],” Johanson explained. “But how do they know when a female is horny? They don’t teach that.”

In her upfront and uncensored style, Johanson openly discussed topics like female erections, anal sex and how to get the best sex toy on a budget " not exactly the subject matter you’d expect to hear from a woman who was born during the Great Depression.

Johanson even went as far as showing how to put a condom on with her mouth, a stunt that received momentous applause from the crowd.

“I live in Toronto, and sometimes I go down to Yonge Street and talk to prostitutes. They taught me how to put a condom on,” she explained.

Behind all the dirty talk was a strong message. Learning and talking about sex, and most importantly safer sex, is something we all need to do.

“There’s so much you need to know about sex. Don’t let sex just happen,” Johanson told the crowd.

While Johanson stressed there is no such thing as “safe sex,” unless you’re pleasuring yourself, practicing safer sex is not an option. It’s a necessity.

“The number one issue is still HIV,” she said. 15 per cent of newly diagnosed cases of the virus occur in people aged 15 to 24. “[People still] think no friend of mine is going to have it.”

The number two issue Johanson says is facing students right now is chlamydia. “It’s almost epidemic,” she said about the most common bacterial Sexually Transmitted Infection in Canada, which produces no noticeable symptoms. “It’s a sneaky one ... and the problem is, it causes sterility.”

The third hot issue students need to know more about is the taboo topic of anal sex, which Johanson casually refers to as “bum sex” and “fudge-packing.” She noted 10 per cent of calls received at the Sunday Night Sex Show, which wrapped up its final season last May, were anal sex-related questions. “There’s not enough information, and anal sex is high risk behaviour,” she said.

Her message of talking and learning about sex was not lost on the first year audience. Except for a few O-Week cheers erupting in response to Johanson’s more outrageous antics, such as the condom episode, they let go of their rowdy O-Week ways and listened intently to Johanson’s words of wisdom.

“I thought it was really important. She really stressed safety,” first-year sociology student Rebecca Pointet said.

For over 35 years, Johanson has been educating others and increasing the awareness of the importance of sexual education. She put her first major mark in Canada’s sexual health movement in 1972 when she opened a birth control clinic in the health room of Toronto high school Don Mills Collegiate Institute, the first of its kind in Canada.

Her passion for teaching and her lively personality soon garnered the attention of school boards and universities across the country, and with the success of her multiple radio and television shows, Johanson has become one of Canada’s most well respected and well-known sex educators.

“I just love what I’m doing,” she says. “I’m not going to slow down. My biggest fear is having to retire.”

Stuff Sue said:
“We’re here because everyone at Western is horny, and horny is a beautiful thing”

“Having a big penis is not essential”

“Vibrators are great”

“Rrroll up the rim to win” (in reference to putting on a condom)

“What is the point of cumming in your girlfriend’s face?”

Fun Fact:
If Sue could sleep with any famous person, past or present, it would be Richard Gere.

Brief history of Sue Johanson:

Born in Toronto, Ontario

Opens birth control clinic at Don Mills Collegiate Institute

Debut of Sunday Night Sex Show on Q107

Publishes first book, Talk Sex

Publishes second book, Sex is Perfectly Natural but Not Naturally Perfect

Sunday Night Sex Show debuts nationally on television

The Governor-General of Canada awards Johanson the Order of Canada for a lifetime of service to the country

Oxygen Media purchases 26 pre-taped episodes of Sunday Night Sex Show to air in the U.S.

Publishes third book, Sex, Sex, And More Sex

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