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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Rick McGhie

Desiree Gamotin

RICK HEARD YOU JINGLE YOUR KEYS TOO EARLY. RICK DOESN'T MIND. Western favourite Rick McGhie plays at University Community Centre bars The Wave and The Spoke every Wednesday and Sunday night.

Sure, school is important. But making sure you’re going to the right bar on the right night can be just as essential as getting to class.

Jack’s features $1.50 draft beers and 25 cent wings all night. The discounted beer may come in cups smaller than your typical beer glass, but it’s still a worthwhile investment. Skinny Phat, a local cover band, rules the Jack’s upstairs and a live DJ has control of the main floor. With the cheap drinks and live entertainment, the bar fills up fast " so get there early.

Next week, The Spoke Lounge and The Wave will introduce a new Monday night tradition " Monday Night Football at The Wave and Ladies’ Night at The Spoke. For the beer and football loving folks, head up to The Wave where their finest female servers will be decked out in referee shirts and the big game will be on uninterrupted all night.

For the ladies, behind The Spoke bar will be two of the best looking brothers (yes, they’re actually brothers) on campus to serve you cocktails while The Hills and other girly guilty pleasures play on the big screens.

If you love sledgehammers and destroying fruit, The Ceeps’ Sledgehammer Bingo is an event worth checking out. It’s a night of hardcore bingo and beers and the competition can get fierce. By the end of the night, it’s an all out battle to make a line, a square or an X first and win the coveted Sledgehammer meshback, not to mention the glory of donning the poncho and smashing a watermelon to a million inedible pieces.

On Wednesdays, the late night fun stays on campus. Western icon Rick McGhie takes to The Wave stage with the fan favourites he’s been rocking for over 30 years. Playing songs we all know the words to " “American Pie,” “Country Roads” and the like " with his unique and loved interpretations, it’s an event loyal Rick fans refuse to miss.

For something a little different, Call The Office hosts its Funk Night every Wednesday, complemented by $3 beers and mixed drinks until 11 p.m. The beauty of the cheap drink special ending early " you still have lots of time to hit up other establishments.

For the Irish-blooded or for those who drink like they’re Irish, Molly Blooms hosts The Mike O’Brien Band who play authentic Irish tunes and other beloved drinking songs. With the Guinness flowing and the energetic live music, Thursday nights at Molly Blooms can get rowdy " and can also make for rough Friday mornings.

The official kick-off to the weekend, drinking establishments everywhere tend to see a heavy spike in patron volume, making just about any spot a hot one.

If you’re feeling the need to rock a dance floor, The Big Mix with DJ Matty at The Ceeps is a popular pick. Week after week DJ Matty delivers with danceable tracks to serve the masses, combining Top 40 hits with the best of hip-hop and songs of the past. The only problem is the overcrowded and sweaty dance floor.

It’s a Saturday night in London, home of one the most reputable party schools in Canada. Anything goes, but be prepared for some serious line-ups.

Head to The Spoke for a relaxing wind-down to the weekend. Rick McGhie plays at the smaller, more intimate on-campus bar to his unwavering fans.

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