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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Prince Albert's

Desiree Gamotin

Even if you can convince the bouncers to let you and your friends keep dancing past last call, the time is going to come when you’ll be thrust onto the streets and have to choose what you’ll do next. Municipal laws being what they are, your choices are basically limited to returning back to someone’s home or else checking out London’s bustling late night restaurant scene.

If you learned anything from our Frosh Issue guide to hangover cures or years of your own trial and error, then you know how important greasy food can be to minimizing next-day sickness. With that in mind, The Gazette offers you a guide to Richmond Row’s finest post-bar eateries.

Starting at the north end of Richmond Row is Sammy’s Souvlaki. Sammy’s specializes in European/Continental favourites like gyros, falafel and of course, the titular souvlaki. Though the unfamiliar food presentation might throw off the uninitiated, one taste should be enough to let you understand the sheer amount of Sammy’s chip wagons around London.

Next, a more basic option that you’re bound to find in a few locations after a night out is the old standby, street meat vendors. The vendor outside Jim Bob Ray’s is generally your best bet as he comes with a selection of hot dogs and sausages and all the toppings your intoxicated heart could possibly desire. Another vendor of note sets up outside the Barking Frog.


If you don’t think a simple hot dog or gyro could satisfy you, then Stobies Pizza on Richmond off Dufferin Street may surpass your wildest dreams. Comparing a Stobies big slice to your run-of-the-mill slice is like comparing Schwarzenegger to DeVito. For those more interested in quality than quantity, two other ’za options downtown include Georgio’s Pizza across from The Ceeps and Planet Pizza on Richmond at Oxford.

If you’re craving Middle Eastern style cuisine but unfamiliar with London’s downtown, just north of Jack’s on Richmond is Barakat, a place many hail as having the best shawarma in the city.

If you’re more in the mood for a burger, then the place for you is Prince Albert’s, a diner that’s a perennial favourite for late eats. Besides the great music you’re bound to hear inside, a diverse menu makes Prince Al’s a must for any late night connoisseur.

Go, eat, drink and be merry " not necessarily in that order.

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