Mixing politics and celebrity endorsements

Cherry, Stroumbo and Suzuki lead our list of potential supporters

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Don Cherry

Like baby-making and rehab, one of the hottest celebrity trends of the moment seems to be jumping on the political bandwagon and proclaiming support for a presidential candidate.

With election fever heating up and taking over the news south of the border as well as the increasing likelihood of a federal election this fall in Canada, I think it’s time to speculate who those in the Canadian limelight will be backing.

The Conservatives
Don Cherry: His flamboyant suit jackets are almost as annoying as those Stephen Harper commercials, and that’s about reason enough to assume the Hockey Night in Canada co-host will be rooting for the Conservative leader. Cherry’s strong support of the Canadian military may also play a factor in his political preference.

The Liberals
Celine Dion: She’s been the famous face of French Canadians since her teen years and it seems likely she would support none other than the Liberal francophone candidate. Considering her Las Vegas show, A New Day, grossed a cool $400 million over its five-year run in a 4,000-seat coliseum built specifically for her in Caesars Palace, it’s unlikely she shares many of the same concerns as those on Stéphane Dion’s platform " you know, cutting down on our carbon footprints and strengthening the economy (money’s not that big of an issue for this diva). But the bond between two French Canadians who share the same last name and a love of poutine should be enough.

David Suzuki: He may be the leader of Canada’s “green” movement, but he’s not an idiot. The man’s got a PhD for goodness sake, so he must have a hunch that a vote for the Green Party may not put a dent in the way the Ministry of Environment is run. The reality is, the Liberals or the Conservatives are going to take this election, and with Dion’s plan to put Canada’s large industrial polluters on a carbon budget, it’s possible the country’s greenest citizen will vote red.

George Stroumboulopoulos

George Stroumboulopoulos: Both Jack Layton and Stroumbo have defied the odds, with Layton as a laid-back and socially un-awkward politician, and Stroumbo somehow managing to make watching the CBC cool again. Not to mention the fact that he acted as an advocate for Tommy Douglas " former Saskatchewan Premier and the first federal leader of the NDP " during CBC’s The Greatest Canadian series, which Douglas won. Finally, with Stroumbo’s “alternative” image, he won’t want to endorse a party as “mainstream” as the Conservatives or Liberals anyway.

The Green Party
Pamela Anderson: Her oversized chest and unnaturally blond hair may lead people to think of the Baywatch alum as nothing more than a superficial cougar, but the former Mrs. Tommy Lee has made her mark as a serious animal rights activist. Taking a firm stance against fur and other forms of animal cruelty as a member of PETA, Anderson’s pursuits in activism closely align with the Green Party’s promise to honour and value Earth’s biological diversity.

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