On Disc: Chad Van Gaalen

Album: Soft Airplane

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Soft Airplane by Chad Van Gaalen

Chad Van Gaalen
Soft Airplane
Flemish Eye

3 stars

Like his previous two releases, Van Gaalen has written, recorded and produced all the material on Soft Airplane. He has also done all of the promotional illustrations and animation by himself â€" work that is found on YouTube.

Some real feats of genius are sprinkled amidst interludes so amateurish they could be recreated by any student with a drum machine and xylophone. “Phantom Anthills” and “Old Man + The Sea” come off sounding as if 80s electro revivalists Cut Copy remixed Neil Young’s Live at Massey Hall 1971. “Molten Light” is a slower haunting track about posthumous revenge that is good enough for Van Gaalen to never worry about choosing a song for an encore ever again.

It may not be long before you’re dancing to the opening track of this disc, “Willow Tree,” with your spouse at your wedding.

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