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Cracked, Editing Room, Stuff White People Like better than homework

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Cracked, The Editing Room, Stuff White People Like

With the winter school term well underway, the smiles lingering from the holidays will start to disappear as the reality of schoolwork sets in. But fear not " with the help of the always-trendy Internet, you can find a few chuckles to help pass the time. Check out the following humour sites to keep your spirits warm this winter.

An online adaptation of the once popular Cracked satirical magazine, cracked.com was launched in 2006 and has grown in popularity ever since.

The site offers gags from comical videos to outrageous columns; titles include “Extinction is only for ugly animals” and “The best quotes from the new Britney Spears documentary.”

However, the site’s most popular feature is its daily humour lists. Notable compilations include “The 6 deadliest creatures (that can fit in your shoe)” and “10 female 80’s cartoons that ushered us into manhood.” Apparently cracked.com is not only funny, but also a source of practical information.

The Editing Room
The Editing Room has a simple premise that leads to hilarious results: rewrite the script of a well-known film, leaving out everything that isn’t essential to the plot.

Each abridged script featured on the site offers a new angle on the film that is often so cynical it deserves a chuckle. Featured films include Twilight, Hellboy 2 and The Dark Knight.

A sample from the condensed script for the recent James Bond film, Quantum of Solace, reads: “DANIEL CRAIG speeds along the road with JESPER CHRISTENSEN in the trunk while being chased by SOMEONE OR ANOTHER. The cameraman has an EPILEPTIC SEIZURE, but is told to continue filming.” And to think that scene took nearly 10 minutes in the real movie.

The site also invites visitors to write and submit their own abridged scripts and has an archive featuring previously shortened scripts.

Stuff White People Like
“This is a scientific approach to highlight the stuff white people like,” outlines the blog, whose name leaves little to the imagination. “They are pretty predictable.”

The site features blog entries satirizing the lives of affluent, city-dwelling white folk. The entries are arranged in list form, with 120 articles to date. Despite its controversial name, Stuff White People Like can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of ethnicity.

Stuff White People Like entries are almost written as a guide to living and interacting with white people, based on comical but harmless stereotypes.

Notable entries on the list of Stuff White People Like include #75 “Threatening to move to Canada” and #8 “Barack Obama.”

Launched in January 2008 by Canadian Christian Lander (a self-proclaimed white person), the site has received nearly 53,000,000 visits to date. Driven by the success of the blog, Lander wrote a book, Stuff White People Like: A Guide to the Unique Taste of Millions, which was published last summer.

Soon to appear on the list of things white people enjoy: stuffwhitepeoplelike.com.

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