"The best band in the world" entertains in London

Die Roten Punkte pokes fun at pop music with tiny instruments

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Otto and Astrid Roten

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HONEY, I SHRUNK THE INSTRUMENTS. Otto and Astrid Roten, the brainchildren of Australian comics Clare Bartholomew and Daniel Tobias, entertained an enthusiastic London crowd Thursday evening.

Die Roten Punkte took the stage at London Music Hall Thursday evening and had the crowd dying of laughter in their seats. The entire show was a satire of the current music scene, poking fun at celebrities for everything from drug and alcohol rehab to family dysfunction.

Australian comics Clare Bartholomew and Daniel Tobias take on the roles of Otto (guitar/vocals) and Astrid (drums/vocals) Rot, who resemble Meg and Jack White of The White Stripes. A mixture of music and comedy, the show ensured there was never a dull moment.

Musically inspired by The Osmonds, The White Stripes and The Carpenters, the self-proclaimed “best band in the world” entertained the crowd from start to finish. Die Roten Punkte’s show was a combination of musical performances and witty banter between Otto and Astrid. The brother-sister relationship between Otto and Astrid builds their characters, which becomes the most comical component of the show.

The instrumentals, performed on miniature instruments, are decent but the lyrics are lacklustre. Their songs mimic those of popular punk rock bands with trivial lyrics about straight edge girls and drinking songs.

Watching Otto on numerous miniature guitars " including a keytar " was amusing; however, Astrid’s skills on drums were unimpressive. Several songs lacked rhythm and Astrid’s vocals and occasional use of other percussion instruments left little to be desired.

Die Roten Punkte never forgot its fans. The show incorporated the audience throughout the performance by getting them to take part in the show by holding signs and having group sing-alongs. The energy brought to the stage radiated into the audience throughout the performance, leaving them with smiles on their faces.

London is just one of the stops on Die Roten Punkte’s tour across the country " the duo will be making its way to Victoria before heading back to Australia for a multitude of performances.

Throughout its 2008 tour, Die Roten Punkte won the Best Comedy award at the Victoria Fringe Festival, Most Outstanding Production at the Ottawa Fringe, Best of Fest at the Winnipeg Fringe and the Centaur Theatre Best English Production award at the Montreal Fringe.

Die Roten Punkte may not be musically talented, but comically, Otto and Astrid will have you continuously laughing.

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